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Date dropdowns for angular

Date dropdown fields for angular. Main use case is for entering date of birth.

Creates three dropdown fields - Day, Month and Year.

  1. Day contains options 1 - 31
  2. Month contains options January - December
  3. Year contains the last 100 years

If you want to change the years there are two attributes available:

  • starting-year
  • num-years

Styling is done using Bootstrap3. There is a noPadding class added to the elements if you are trying to align your elements. You would need to add the following to your styles:

.noPadding {
  padding-left: 0;
  padding-right: 0;

If you want to change the classes there are the following attributes available:

  • day-div-class
  • day-class
  • month-div-class
  • month-class
  • year-div-class
  • year-class


Returns the date as a UTC date

Birthdays do not change with timezones so the value is returned as a UTC date. Could change this with an attribute so let me know if this is of interest to people.

Validates that a correct date is entered

If a user enters an incorrect date (e.g. 30 February) the date will be automatically updated to the nearest previous correct date (e.g. 28th February or 29th if it is a leap year).

You can set the field to disabled


   <input rsmdatedropdowns ng-model="model" ng-disabled="test()">

alt text


If you have any requests or updates please file issues / pull requests. Please include your use case if you require changes.


Date dropdown fields for angular. Main use case is for entering date of birth.




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