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Create polls and vote on them by private messaging hubot.


  • poll create "<question>" - (pm only) create new poll in progress, ex. poll create "which one?"
  • poll add option "<option>" - (pm only) add an option to a poll currently in progress, ex. poll add option "some option"
  • poll preview - (pm only) preview a poll currently in progress
  • poll done - (pm only) finish and activate a poll currently in progress
  • poll random - (pm only) show details for a random poll
  • poll vote <poll number> <option letter> - (pm only) vote on a poll, ex. poll vote 1 a
  • hubot poll list - (public or pm) lists all existing polls
  • hubot poll show <poll number> - (public or pm) show details for a single poll, ex. hubot poll show 1
  • hubot poll results <poll number> - (public or pm) list results for a single poll (public or private), ex. hubot poll results 1

Uses hubot brain.

Add it to your hubot

Run the following command

$ npm install hubot-secret-ballot --save

Then add hubot-secret-ballot to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file).