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Cabbage for VCV RACK

sample screenshot


To build, follow the instructions here to compile and build the template plugin. Then cd to Rack/plugins/ and run

git clone
cd CabbageRack

Then call the appropriate makefile for your platform by using the -f filename command line option to make:

make -f

just call make on its own to build for Linux.

The build script uses the locations for the Csound headers and libraries. if you install to custom location, update the makefiles.


CabbageRack comes with a simple example file. In order to create an new module simply copy the CabbageRack folder and rename it. The name you choose will be the title of your new module. The .csd file contained within the folder must have the same name as the folder. For example, if the module is called CabbageSoup, the .csd file contained within must be call CabbageSoup.csd.

IMPORTANT: Please read before this interface:

  • Of the typical set of Cabbage widgets, only rslider, label , groupbox, checkbox, button, combobox and image widgets are supported, with reduced functionality (and the combobox is more like a switch than a drop-down combo). Only the most basic identifiers are supported, so please keep things simple and keep testing your modules to make sure you are not using unsupported identifiers.
  • CabbageRack also introduces 3 Rack specific widgets, cvinput and cvoutput, (see below) and light, which can be triggreed from a Csound instrument to give users visual feedback their modules.
  • Unlike the other audio plugin interfaces for Cabbage, CabbageRack does not use the in and out family of opcodes to access inputs and outputs. They channels instead. Each cvinput and cvoutput widget is linked to a set of a-rate chnget and chnset opcodes, see the sample .csd file for usage. The reason for this is allow maximum configurability of inputs and outputs.
  • Slider skew values are not valid. The increment identifier can be set to a number equal or greater than one to allow snapping to integer value, but it will only snap to multiple of 1.
  • Modules are named by their folder, which should contain a .csd file of the same name, therefore, no whitespaces can be used. Use _ or - instead.
  • Colours are RGBA only, there is no support for CSS colour names.
  • This interface uses a much simpler parser than the one used in Cabbage plugins, spaces between identifiers and opening brackets will cause issues.
  • Only the light widget can be updated from Csound.
  • VCV Rack auto-saves sessions. If you make some changes to your Cabbage module and reload, VCV Rack might try to load parameters that are no longer valid. This might cause VCV Rack to crash. If so, you will need to edit or delete the auto-saved file.
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