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Builds Delete Makefile Jan 1, 2020
CsoundTestWin64 added VS build for CsoundTest app Dec 22, 2017
CsoundTestXcode updating build script for OSX to include Csound script tester May 15, 2019
Docs updating docs Oct 2, 2019
Examples reverting after accidental reset Sep 17, 2019
Icons New style for Edit GUI icon Dec 10, 2018
Images adding CabbageRack stuff Sep 10, 2019
JuceLibraryCode updating AppCOnfig with current version number Sep 9, 2019
Resources starting file option for VCVRack.. Sep 6, 2019
Source fixing issue with presets in imported plant builds Oct 10, 2019
Themes/modern-darkBG Some fixes + fallback on original png icons if no svg Dec 16, 2018
.gitignore updating gitignore Jan 16, 2018
.travisWorkingLinux.yml starting work on OSX travis build Dec 13, 2017
CabbageIDE.jucer running off release build Oct 9, 2019
CabbageLite.jucer running off release build Oct 9, 2019
CabbagePluginMIDIEffect.jucer running off release build Oct 9, 2019
CabbagePluginSynth.jucer running off release build Oct 9, 2019
CabbagePluginUnity.jucer updating logic thing Sep 25, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Oct 17, 2016
azure-pipelines.yml Update azure-pipelines.yml to build develop version Feb 7, 2020 updating azure build or OSX =- removing CsoundTest app for now Oct 9, 2019
buildWindows.ps1 updating VCV Rack package Sep 17, 2019 updating bump script Oct 9, 2019 changing file modes! May 18, 2018
juce_astyle.options changing file modes! May 18, 2018 Update Feb 12, 2020


Cabbage. A framework for developing audio plugins and standalone instruments using the Csound programming language.

For details on building, please visit the various platform folders within the Builds folder.

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