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<env name="PYTHONPATH" value="$(env PYTHONPATH)" />
<arg name="nao_ip" default="$(optenv NAO_IP" />
<arg name="nao_port" default="$(optenv NAO_PORT 9559)" />
<arg name="ns" default="romeo_robot" />
<arg name="source" default="0" /> <!-- front camera -->
<arg name="color_space" default="13" />
<arg name="resolution" default="1" />
<arg name="frame_rate" default="15" />
<node pkg="romeo_sensors_py" type="" name="camera_depth" required="true" args="--pip=$(arg nao_ip) --pport=$(arg nao_port)" output="screen">
<param name="source" value="$(arg source)" />
<param name="color_space" value="$(arg color_space)" />
<param name="resolution" value="$(arg resolution)" />
<param name="frame_rate" value="$(arg frame_rate)" />
<param name="use_ros_time" value="True" />
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