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Interface software, including ROS node, for Microstrain IMUs.

Function GX5-45 GX5-25
mip_system_com_mode X X
device_report X X
mip_3dm_cmd_coning_sculling_compensation X X
set_accel_bias X X
get_accel_bias X X
set_gyro_bias X X
get_gyro_bias X X
gyro_bias_capture X X
set_hard_iron_values X X
get_hard_iron_values X X
set_soft_iron_matrix X X
get_soft_iron_matrix X X
set_complementary_filter X X
get_complementary_filter X X
set_filter_euler X X
set_filter_heading X X
set_sensor_vehicle_frame_trans X X
get_sensor_vehicle_frame_trans X X
set_reference_position X X
get_reference_position X X
set_coning_sculling_comp X X
get_coning_sculling_comp X X
set_estimation_control_flags X X
get_estimation_control_flags X X
mip_filter_zero_velocity_update_control X X
set_zero_angle_update_threshold X X
get_zero_angle_update_threshold X X
set_tare_orientation X X
set_accel_noise X X
get_accel_noise X X
set_gyro_noise X X
get_gyro_noise X X
set_mag_noise X
get_mag_noise X
set_gyro_bias_model X X
get_gyro_bias_model X X
set_accel_adaptive_vals X X
get_accel_adaptive_vals X X
get_mag_adaptive_vals X
set_mag_adaptive_vals X
get_basic_status X X
get_diagnostic_report X X
set_dynamics_mode X
get_dynamics_mode X
set_sensor_vehicle_frame_offset X
get_sensor_vehicle_frame_offset X
set_accel_bias_model X
get_accel_bias_model X
set_mag_dip_adaptive_vals X
get_mag_dip_adaptive_vals X
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