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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- launch video stream -->
<include file="$(find video_stream_opencv)/launch/camera.launch" >
<!-- node name and ros graph name -->
<arg name="camera_name" value="rtsp" />
<!-- url of the video stream -->
<arg name="video_stream_provider" value="rtsp://" />
<!-- set camera fps to -->
<arg name="set_camera_fps" value="30"/>
<!-- set buffer queue size of frame capturing to -->
<arg name="buffer_queue_size" value="10" />
<!-- throttling the querying of frames to -->
<arg name="fps" value="30" />
<!-- setting frame_id -->
<arg name="frame_id" value="rtsp" />
<!-- camera info loading, take care as it needs the "file:///" at the start , e.g.:-->
<arg name="camera_info_url" value="file:///$(find video_stream_opencv)/config/test_calibration.yaml"/>
<!-- visualize on an image_view window the stream generated -->
<arg name="visualize" value="true" />
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