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Example usage of the bezier library:
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This package contains example usage of the bezier project.



Install wstool.


Install, initialize and update rosdep.


Create a catkin workspace and clone the project:

mkdir -p catkin_workspace/src
cd catkin_workspace/src
git clone
cd ..
wstool init src src/bezier_examples/bezier_examples.rosinstall

Resolve ROS dependencies

rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO -y

Fix fanuc package compilation

The fanuc package will not compile on melodic due to old IKFast MoveIt configuration packages, see issue You can fix them (help provided in the issue) or delete them as we won't use them:

rm -rf src/fanuc/*_moveit_config src/fanuc/*_moveit_plugins


Use catkin to compile



Source the catkin workspace in which you compiled the package, then launch:

roslaunch bezier_examples fanuc_m10ia_surfacing.launch surfacing_mode:=true mesh_cad:=plane/plane_defect.ply

Use the following command for the painting application:

roslaunch bezier_examples fanuc_m10ia_painting.launch mesh_cad:=ocean/ocean.ply

In this example, bezier_examples will be launched with plane_defect.ply as the CAD mesh and the grinding will be done in surface mode, meaning that we only pass on the surface of the mesh to smooth it.

roslaunch bezier_examples fanuc_m10ia_surfacing.launch mesh_cad:=plane/plane.ply mesh_defect:=plane/plane_defect.ply

In this example, bezier_examples will be launched with plane.ply as the CAD mesh and plane_defect.ply as defect mesh.

Others examples of meshes are available in:

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