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Google Summer of Code Project: Intuitive Tele-op For Industrial Painting
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Google Summer of Code Project 2014: Intuitive Tele-op For Industrial Painting

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Student Name: Steve Ataucuri Cruz

Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation

Mentor's name: Christopher Lewis

Project title: Intuitive Tele-op For Industrial Painting

Project link:

What is this repository for?

The goal of this project is to paint automatically surfaces based on recognition of any kind of surface.


In order to be able to run the nodes, it is necessary, at first, clone or install some packages:

  • OpenNI SDK
  • PointCloud library
  • Orocos Kdl
  • Catkin package

Summary of set up

To perform a training please follow these steps: here

What contain folders?

  • src folder: Nodes and class
  • launch folder: launch files for training and testing
  • msg folder: ros message to nodes
  • bags folder bag files are saved in this folder


Steve Ataucuri:

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