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HTML5/JS based industrial HMI solution (
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FlexGUI 4.0 is based upon popular web technologies: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This way it is possible to run FlexGUI 4.0 on PC, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and generally on every device with a modern browser. You will have exactly the same user experience on each of them. FlexGUI 4.0 communicates using ROS, which is an open-source project that provides a well established platform for Industry 4.0, IoT. The framework supports many robots, PLCs, cameras etc. and by following some single tutorials you can implement your own driver as well.

User Documentation:

Check out our website ( for

  • a ready-to-use online full FlexGui Industrial (works with your local ROS as well, no installation required),
  • and FlexGui Enterprise 30 day trial.

To install this open-source version:

  1. Download the code to a folder (extract if you download as a zip)

  2. Set up a website on the folder

  3. Open the folder in your browser (Chrome is officially supported)

If you need more help, you can contact us at

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