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ROS-Industrial core meta-package (
Branch: kinetic-devel
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Industrial Core

ROS Distro Support

Indigo Jade Kinetic
Branch indigo-devel jade-devel kinetic-devel
Status supported supported supported
Version version version version

Travis - Continuous Integration

Status: Build Status

ROS Buildfarm

Indigo Source Indigo Debian Jade Source Jade Debian Kinetic Source Kinetic Debian
industrial_core not released not released not released not released not released not released

ROS-Industrial core meta-package. See the ROS wiki page for more information.


Branch naming follows the ROS distribution they are compatible with. -devel branches may be unstable. Releases are made from the distribution branches (hydro, indigo, jade).

Older releases may be found in the old ROS-Industrial subversion repository.


Industrial Core is also available as a Docker image from the ROS-Industrial Docker Hub.

Example usage:

docker run -it --rm rosindustrial/core:kinetic rosmsg show industrial_msgs/RobotStatus
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