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DCM stack integrating ros tools to control NAO robot
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DCM stack integrating tools to control NAO robot


  • install dependencies

      sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-nao-robot ros-indigo-nao-meshes ros-indigo-nao-control ros-indigo-naoqi-dcm-driver
  • then, install nao_dcm_bringup or compile it from source

      sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-nao-dcm-bringup
  • optionally, install nao_moveit_config

      sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-nao-moveit-config

How to use it

Trajectory control

To command your robot remotely with ros control :

  • first, wake up your robot and choose a stable pose

  • start the DCM Bringup providing the robot's IP

      roslaunch nao_dcm_bringup nao_dcm_H25_bringup_remote.launch robot_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>
  • you can control the robot using Moveit! (if installed previously)

      roslaunch nao_moveit_config moveit_planner.launch
  • or you can send a trajectory to the desired controller (actionlib)

      rosrun actionlib <name of the goal topic of the action server>


    rosrun actionlib /nao_dcm/LeftArm_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/goal

To choose the controllers you want to load at launchtime you have to modify nao_control/launch/nao_control_trajectory.launch To know the list of controllers implemented please refer to : nao_control/config/nao_trajectory_control.yaml You can start and stop the ros-controllers using the rqt plugin ControllerManager

Position control

To command joints positions via ROS:

  • start the DCM bringup proving your robot's IP (be aware that the package will stop Autonomous Life on your robot):

      roslaunch nao_dcm_bringup nao_dcm_H25_bringup_position.launch robot_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>
  • send a position to the desired controller, for example

      rostopic pub /nao_dcm/LWristYaw_position_controller/command std_msgs/Float64 "data: 0"
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