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<description brief="The Open Source Computer Vision Library 2.0">
Deprecated. This package now forwards opencv pkgconfig flags through the manifest,
do not depend on this feature. Transistion you build files to use cmake's
find_package infrastructure for opencv.
This package contains the latest code from the Open Source Computer Vision
Library (opencv). This ROS package does not modify OpenCV in any way;
it simply provides a convenient way to download and compile the library
in a way that can be managed by the ROS dependency system.
Note: The cv_bridge package in the vision_opencv stack eases conversion between ROS
Image messages and OpenCV images.
<author>Gary Bradski and many others. See web page for a full contributor list. ROS package maintained by James Bowman.</author>
<review status="3rdparty" notes=""/>
<cpp cflags="`pkg-config opencv --cflags`" lflags="`pkg-config opencv --libs`"/>
<!-- On OS X there is a cmake Findopencv.cmake so pkg-config isn't necessary -->
<cpp os="osx" cflags="`pkg-config opencv --cflags`" lflags="`pkg-config opencv --libs`"/>
<versioncontrol type="svn" url=""/>
<platform os="ubuntu" version="9.04"/>
<platform os="ubuntu" version="9.10"/>
<platform os="ubuntu" version="10.04"/>
<rosdep name="opencv2"/>
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