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# MoveIt is a large project with pull requests being created often. In order
# to ensure quick review turn around time from our maintainer team, we're
# leveraging an automated "triage" approach to auto-assign reviews to new pull
# requests. If you already know who should review your PR, then you can assign
# them manually. Otherwise, this code owners file will help assign reviewers
# and reduce the amount of email received by maintainers having to "Watch" the
# entire repository.
# When a PR is finished being created ("Create Pull Request" is clicked), the
# codeowner of each file in the PR will be added to the list of reviewers.
# Code owners are maintainers who are familiar with certain parts of the code,
# and thus more likely to review a PR relating to them. Being a code owner
# does not imply authorship, control or ownership in a legal sense.
# More info:
# Order is important; the user(s) in the last matching pattern here for a file will
# be that file's owner(s).
# Unless a line further in this file matches, all of the users here will be
# requested for review when someone opens a pull request.
* @v4hn @rhaschke
/.github/CODEOWNERS @nbbrooks @davetcoleman
/ @davetcoleman
/moveit_plugins/moveit_ros_control_interface/ @ipa-mdl @bmagyar
/moveit_plugins/moveit_fake_controller_manager/ @v4hn @rhaschke
/moveit_plugins/moveit_simple_controller_manager/ @mikeferguson @v4hn
/moveit_plugins/moveit_controller_manager_example/ @v4hn
/moveit_core/background_processing/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/backtrace/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/collision_detection/ @BryceStevenWilley
/moveit_core/collision_detection_fcl/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/collision_distance_field/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/constraint_samplers/ @v4hn
/moveit_core/controller_manager/ @v4hn
/moveit_core/distance_field/ @v4hn
/moveit_core/dynamics_solver/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/exceptions/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/kinematic_constraints/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/kinematics_base/ @rhaschke @mlautman
/moveit_core/kinematics_metrics/ @gavanderhoorn
/moveit_core/macros/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/planning_interface/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/planning_request_adapter/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/planning_scene/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/profiler/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/robot_model/ @jonbinney
/moveit_core/robot_state/ @rhaschke @mlautman
/moveit_core/robot_trajectory/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/sensor_manager/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/trajectory_processing/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/transforms/ @rhaschke
/moveit_core/utils/ @mlautman
/moveit_core/version/ @v4hn
/moveit_commander/ @rhaschke @willcbaker
/moveit/ @130s
/moveit_kinematics/ @rhaschke @gavanderhoorn @jrgnicho
/moveit_experimental/ @AndyZe
/moveit_ros/perception/ @mikeferguson @jonbinney
/moveit_ros/manipulation/ @v4hn @felixvd
/moveit_ros/benchmarks/ @henningkayser @MohmadAyman
/moveit_ros/planning_interface/ @mintar @rhaschke
/moveit_ros/robot_interaction/ @mikeferguson @rhaschke
/moveit_ros/warehouse/ @mikeferguson @dg-shadow
/moveit_ros/move_group/ @rhaschke @IanTheEngineer
/moveit_ros/visualization/ @rhaschke @jonbinney @christian-rauch
/moveit_ros/planning/collision_plugin_loader/ @rhaschke
/moveit_ros/planning/constraint_sampler_manager_loader/ @henningkayser
/moveit_ros/planning/kinematics_plugin_loader/ @gavanderhoorn
/moveit_ros/planning/plan_execution/ @v4hn
/moveit_ros/planning/planning_components_tools/ @henningkayser
/moveit_ros/planning/planning_pipeline/ @v4hn
/moveit_ros/planning/planning_request_adapter_plugins/ @v4hn
/moveit_ros/planning/planning_scene_monitor/ @rhaschke
/moveit_ros/planning/rdf_loader/ @henningkayser
/moveit_ros/planning/robot_model_loader/ @henningkayser
/moveit_ros/planning/trajectory_execution_manager/ @rhaschke
/moveit_setup_assistant/ @davetcoleman @rhaschke @MohmadAyman
/moveit_planners/ompl/ @BryceStevenWilley @zkingston
/moveit_planners/chomp/chomp_interface/ @raghavendersahdev @knorth55 @bmagyar
/moveit_planners/chomp/chomp_optimizer_adapter/ @raghavendersahdev @knorth55 @bmagyar
/moveit_planners/chomp/chomp_motion_planner/ @raghavendersahdev @knorth55 @bmagyar
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