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Migration Notes

API changes in MoveIt! releases

ROS Noetic (upcoming changes in master)

  • Extended the return value of MoveitCommander.MoveGroup.plan() from trajectory to a tuple of (success, trajectory, planning_time, error_code) to better match the C++ MoveGroupInterface (790)

ROS Melodic

  • Migration to tf2 API.
  • Replaced Eigen::Affine3d with Eigen::Isometry3d, which is computationally more efficient. Simply find-replace occurences of Affine3d: find . -iname "*.[hc]*" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's#Affine3#Isometry3#g'
  • The move_group capability ExecuteTrajectoryServiceCapability has been removed in favor of the improved ExecuteTrajectoryActionCapability capability. Since Indigo, both capabilities were supported. If you still load default capabilities in your config/launch/move_group.launch, you can just remove them from the capabilities parameter. The correct default capabilities will be loaded automatically.
  • Deprecated method CurrentStateMonitor::waitForCurrentState(double wait_time) was finally removed.
  • Renamed RobotState::getCollisionBodyTransforms to getCollisionBodyTransform as it returns a single transform only.
  • Removed deprecated class MoveGroup (was renamed to MoveGroupInterface).
  • KinematicsBase: Deprecated members tip_frame_, search_discretization_. Use tip_frames_ and redundant_joint_discretization_ instead.
  • KinematicsBase: Deprecated initialize(robot_description, ...) in favour of initialize(robot_model, ...). Adapt your kinematics plugin to directly receive a RobotModel. See the KDL plugin for an example.
  • IK: Removed notion of IK attempts and redundant random seeding in RobotState::setFromIK(). Number of attempts is limited by timeout only. (#1288) Remove parameters kinematics_solver_attempts from your kinematics.yaml config files.
  • RDFLoader / RobotModelLoader: removed TinyXML-based API (
  • Deprecated EndEffectorInteractionStyle got removed from RobotInteraction ( Use the corresponding InteractionStyle definitions instead

ROS Kinetic

  • In the C++ MoveGroupInterface class the plan() method returns a MoveItErrorCode object and not a boolean. static_cast<bool>(mgi.plan()) can be used to achieve the old behavior.
  • CurrentStateMonitor::waitForCurrentState(double wait_time) has been renamed to waitForCompleteState to better reflect the actual semantics. Additionally a new method waitForCurrentState(const ros::Time t = ros::Time::now()) was added that actually waits until all joint updates are newer than t.
  • To avoid deadlocks, the PlanningSceneMonitor listens to its own EventQueue, monitored by an additional spinner thread. Providing a custom NodeHandle, a user can control which EventQueue and processing thread is used instead. Providing a default NodeHandle, the old behavior (using the global EventQueue) can be restored, which is however not recommended.
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