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MoveIt! Logo

The MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework for ROS 2.0


  • Install instructions
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • OS X 10.14
  • Upgrade continuous integration for ROS 2.0
  • Convert moveit packages to ROS 2.0
  • New features in ROS 2.0
    • Migrate plugin architecture to ROS2 nodelets
  • Documentation
    • Update tutorials for MoveIt2
    • Create tutorial on using ros1/ros2 bridge to support ros1 hardware drivers
    • Move install instructions to
  • Major refactoring and divergence from moveit2
    • Run ROS2 C++ and python linters
    • Delete excesses packages that are left over from rosbuild stacks: moveit_runtime, moveit_plugins, moveit_ros
    • Rename non-package folders:
      • rename moveit_planners to planners
      • rename moveit_plugins to controller_interfaces
    • Restructure folder layout of moveit repo:
      • flatten moveit_ros folder to root of repo
      • rename all moveit_ros folders with moveit_ros prefix
    • Rename major classes
      • ControllerManagers become ControllerInterfaces
      • Rename related packages
    • Merge repos:
      • moveit 9.6 MB
      • moveit_task_constructor
      • moveit_tutorials 28.6 MB
      • moveit_msgs
      • moveit_resources 61 MB
      • moveit_visual_tools
      • moveit_advanced?
      • DELETE: moveit_kinematics_tests
    • Remove large binaries from moveit repo
    • Add gitlfs?

Continuous Integration Status

Build Status

Docker Containers

TODO Create ROS2 Docker containers for MoveIt!

ROS Buildfarm

Debian releases of MoveIt2 will not be available during the alpha development stage. Check back May 2019.

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