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* started conversion to display

* plugin loads, doesn't display

* loads and displays!

* load and save; started FOV properties

* on second thought, let's not open that can of worms yet

* pass display pointer to tabs

* connect namespace and PSM topic

probably still needs some signals/slots for when the values are changed

* add some status reports

* moving FOV params to display properties

* connect display properties

* delete pane when removed

* try prepending the namespace

* Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: David V. Lu!! <>

* review comments from DLu

Co-authored-by: John Stechschulte <>
Co-authored-by: David V. Lu!! <>

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MoveIt Calibration

Tools for robot arm hand-eye calibration.

Warning to Melodic users
OpenCV 3.2, which is the version in Ubuntu 18.04, has a buggy ArUco board pose detector. Do not expect adequate results if you are using an ArUco board with OpenCV 3.2.

MoveIt Calibration supports ArUco boards and ChArUco boards as calibration targets. Experiments have demonstrated that a ChArUco board gives more accurate results, so it is recommended.

This repository has been developed and tested on ROS Melodic and Noetic. It has not been tested on earlier ROS versions. When building moveit_calibration on ROS Melodic, rviz_visual_tools must also be built from source.

This package was originally developed by Dr. Yu Yan at Intel, and was originally submitted as a PR to the core MoveIt repository. For background, see this Github discussion.

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Hand-eye calibration tools for robot arms.




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