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MoveIt Continous Integration

Common Travis CI configuration for MoveIt! project

Authors: Dave Coleman, Isaac I. Y. Saito, Robert Haschke

  • Uses Docker for all Distros
    • Travis does not currently support Ubuntu 16.04
    • Based on OSRF's pre-build ROS Docker container to save setup time
    • Uses MoveIt's pre-build Docker container to additionally save setup time
  • Simple - only contains features needed for MoveIt!
  • Clean Travis log files - looks similiar to a regular .travis.yml file
  • Runs tests for the current repo, e.g. if testing moveit_core only runs tests for moveit_core
  • Builds into install space
  • Prevents Travis from timing out and from running out of log space, even for huge builds (all of MoveIt!)

Build Status


Create a .travis.yml file in the base of you repo similar to:

# This config file for Travis CI utilizes package.
sudo: required
dist: trusty
  - docker
language: cpp
compiler: gcc
cache: ccache

      # -
    - ROS_DISTRO=kinetic  ROS_REPO=ros  TEST=clang-format
    - ROS_DISTRO=kinetic  ROS_REPO=ros              UPSTREAM_WORKSPACE=
    - ROS_DISTRO=kinetic  ROS_REPO=ros-shadow-fixed UPSTREAM_WORKSPACE=

    - env: ROS_DISTRO=kinetic  ROS_REPO=ros              UPSTREAM_WORKSPACE=

  - git clone -q .moveit_ci
  - .moveit_ci/


  • ROS_DISTRO: (required) which version of ROS i.e. kinetic
  • ROS_REPO: (default: ros-shadow-fixed) install ROS debians from either regular release or from shadow-fixed, i.e.
  • BEFORE_SCRIPT: (default: not set): Used to specify shell commands or scripts that run before building packages.
  • UPSTREAM_WORKSPACE (default: debian): When set as "file", the dependended packages that need to be built from source are downloaded based on a .rosinstall file in your repository. When set to a "http" URL, this downloads the rosinstall configuration from an http location. Multiple http entries can be given by separating each by comma, but the order of the entries matters -- if there's same resource defined in multiple entries, the one that appears the first is used.
  • TEST_BLACKLIST: Allow certain tests to be skipped if necessary (not recommended)
  • TEST: allow other tests to be run, such as code format checking using clang-format

More configurations as seen in industrial_ci can be added in the future.

Removed Configuration



A new test is available that checks if the code is properly formatted as specified in the clang-format file found in .clang-format. Use TEST=clang-format to enable this test.

Running Locally For Testing

To manually run the moveit_ci script without Travis (presumably for testing), we will demonstrate with an example using the full moveit repo.

First clone the repo you want to test:

cd ~/
git clone
cd moveit

Next clone the CI script:

git clone .moveit_ci

Manually define the necessary environmental variables:

export TRAVIS_BRANCH=kinetic-devel
export ROS_DISTRO=kinetic
export ROS_REPO=ros-shadow-fixed

Note: the following depends on where your rosinstall file is located:

export UPSTREAM_WORKSPACE=moveit.rosinstall

Optional: will not run test builds but rather only check formatting:

export TEST=clang-format

Start the script