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ROS core stacks

Popular repositories

  1. ros Public

    Core ROS packages

    Python 2k 673

  2. This repo maintains a lists of repositories for each ROS distribution

    Python 702 2.1k

  3. ros_comm Public

    ROS communications-related packages, including core client libraries (roscpp, rospy, roslisp) and graph introspection tools (rostopic, rosnode, rosservice, rosparam).

    Python 619 825

  4. Code used in tutorials found on ROS wiki

    C++ 571 482

  5. meta-ros Public

    OpenEmbedded Layers for ROS 1 and ROS 2

    BitBake 286 196

  6. catkin Public

    A CMake-based build system that is used to build all packages in ROS.

    Python 271 280