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Evolving Documentation Snippets
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+Migrating from rosbuild to catkin
+From Box Turtle to Fuerte, the ROS build system was `rosbuild
+<>`_. In Fuerte, we introduced `catkin
+<>`_. We aim to deprecate rosbuild in Groovy,
+and encourage users to migrate their code from rosbuild to catkin. We
+especially encourage maintainers of released ROS stacks to migrate as soon
+as possible, because the build farm that generates binary Debian packages
+from released ROS stacks will eventually be decommissioned.
+Quick start guide
+At a high level, the key steps to convert a ROS stack from rosbuild to
+catkin are:
+1. Update ``stack.xml``...
+2. Create a top-level ``CMakeLists.txt`` for the stack...
+3. Delete any ``manifest.xml`` files:
+ a. Make each containing directory a CMake project...
+ b. Combine ``rosdep`` keys from ``manifest.xml`` files into ``stack.xml`` as ``depends`` keys...
+4. In each ``CMakeLists.txt``:
+ a. Switch from rosbuild macros to the underlying CMake commands
+What is a build system?
+The main job of a build system is to declare what files should be
+processed, in what way, to generate, compile, link, and/or install a chunk
+of code. As it processes files, the build system is specifically
+responsible for managing dependencies: it must understand which parts of the
+system depend which other parts, and process them in the appropriate order.
+What is rosbuild?
+rosbuild is a `CMake <>`_-based build system that
+aims to simplify the process of generating, compiling, and linking code in
+ROS packages. The intended user of rosbuild is a ROS package developer,
+who "lives" in a ROS source tree, constantly making changes to code and
+dependency structures, recompiling, and running the resulting programs.
+Because of the source-tree use-case, rosbuild does not provide an
+``install`` target; there is no (clean) way to install a
+rosbuild-controlled package.
+rosbuild works by wrapping standard CMake commands (e.g.,
+``add_library()``) in custom macros (e.g., ``rosbuild_add_library()``)
+that do extra steps (e.g., add libraries that were exported from other
+packages) to ensure that the right thing happens. In other words, there's
+a lot of magic going on behind the scenes with rosbuild: you declare
+dependencies in your package ``manifest.xml``, and rosbuild (pretty much)
+does the rest.
+What is catkin?
+catkin is also a `CMake <>`_-based build system
+that aims to simplify the process of generating, compiling, and linking
+code in ROS packages. But the intended user of catkin is three-fold: a
+ROS package developer who lives in a ROS source tree, a release system (see
+`bloom <>`_) that need to generate system-specific
+binary installations, and an end-user who wants to use an installed ROS
+catkin works by adding some macros and functions, and does not wrap
+standard CMake commands. It does relatively litle magic, preferring to
+make things explicit. And it supports an ``install`` target.
+What's different between rosbuild and catkin?
+Main differences between rosbuild and catkin:
+- rosbuild has no ``install`` target; catkin does
+ - as a result: catkin stacks must declare, in a whitelist fashion, what programs and files will be installed
+- rosbuild relies heavily on ``bash`` and ``make``; catkin uses only CMake and Python (and therefore is more portable)
+- rosbuild wraps standard CMake commands; catkin does not
+ - as a result: rosbuild implicitly adds compile and link flags based on package dependency information; catkin requires you to add them explicitly
+- rosbuild always does in-source builds; catkin supports both in-source and out-of-source builds (out-of-source is recommended)
+- rosbuild uses ``manifest.xml`` for per-package dependency information; catkin uses ``stack.xml`` for per-package dependency information
+- rosbuild use per-package dependency information to assemble compile and link flags; catkin uses per-stack dependency only to determine traversal order
+- rosbuild provides a ``make`` interface to each package; catkin provides a ``cmake`` interface to each stack
+ - as a result: rosbuild packages are built one-by-one, each with a separate invocation of ``make``; catkin stacks can be built in a fully parallel fashion, with a single build command (which is often, but does not have to be ``make``)
+Detailed migration guide
+- Macro migration:
+ - Build macros:
+ - ``rosbuild_add_library(...)`` -> ``add_library(...)``
+ - ``rosbuild_add_executable(...)`` -> ``add_executable(...)``
+ - ``rosbuild_add_compile_flags(target added_flags)`` -> ``set_target_properties(target PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS new_flags)``
+ - ``rosbuild_remove_compile_flags(target removed_flags)`` -> ``set_target_properties(target PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS new_flags)``
+ - ``rosbuild_add_link_flags(target added_flags)`` -> ``set_target_properties(target PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS new_flags)``
+ - ``rosbuild_remove_link_flags(target removed_flags)`` -> ``set_target_properties(target PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS new_flags)``
+ - ``rosbuild_add_boost_directories(); rosbuild_link_boost(target components)`` -> ``find_package(Boost COMPONENTS components); include_directories(${Boost_INCLUDE_DIRS}); target_link_libraries(target ${Boost_LIBRARIES})``
+ - ``rosbuild_add_openmp_flags()`` -> ``find_package(OpenMP)``, then do other stuff
+ - ``rosbuild_invoke_rospack()`` -> don't do this
+ - ``rosbuild_find_ros_package()`` -> don't do this
+ - ``rosbuild_find_ros_stack()`` -> don't do this
+ - ``rosbuild_check_for_sse()`` -> look around online and find an example of how to find SSE
+ - ``rosbuild_include(package module)`` -> ``include(module)`` (might require some initial work to find the path to the module)
+ - ``rosbuild_add_lisp_executable()`` -> no support for this currently
+ - Test macros:
+ - rosbuild_add_gtest
+ - rosbuild_add_gtest_labeled
+ - rosbuild_add_gtest_future
+ - rosbuild_add_gtest_build_flags
+ - rosbuild_add_pyunit
+ - rosbuild_add_pyunit_labeled
+ - rosbuild_add_pyunit_future
+ - rosbuild_add_rostest
+ - rosbuild_add_rostest_labeled
+ - rosbuild_add_rostest_future
+ - rosbuild_add_roslaunch_check
+ - rosbuild_declare_test
+ - rosbuild_count_cores
+ - rosbuild_check_for_display
+ - rosbuild_check_for_vm

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