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This overlay contains ebuilds for the Robot Operating System (ROS).

For instructions, please look to the ROS wiki.


There's a lot of ways to help out.

My Build Failed:

In managing some 6000 ebuilds, one runs into a few hickups. Please don't hesitate to file an issue!

List of Failures

As changes progress, things break. You can find a list of failures here in the form of a GitHub gist.


Superflore is the tool used to generate almost every ebuild in this repository. Since, frequently, the issue is that an ebuild simply needs to be regenerated, I'll document how to use Superflore to do so.

  1. Ensure you have docker installed. This is needed to generate manifests.
  2. [optional] Clone the overlay somewhere on your system, and verify it is on the master branch.
  3. Set up your ~/.netrc file with your GitHub login.
  4. Clone & install superflore.
$ git clone
$ cd superflore
$ sudo python3 ./ install
  1. Run superflore to regenerate your package(s).
$ superflore-gen-ebuilds --ros-distro [distro] --only [pkg1] [pkg2] ... [pkgn]

If you cloned the overlay and want to use the stashed version, add --output-repository-path [location of your repo] to the end of the command above. 6. The above command will file a PR under your name to this overlay.

Checking Packages with Superflore

You can also check if packages are building using superflore.

$ superflore-check-ebuilds --ros-distro [distro_1] [distro_2] ... [distro_n] --pkgs [pkg1] [pkg2] ... [pkgn]

This will spawn a fresh docker container for each package you listed, and attempt to build the package on a clean docker image.