Fedora Development Setup

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How to setup the development environment?

First install a bunch of dependencies:

$ sudo dnf install cppcheck cmake libXaw-devel opencv-devel poco-devel poco-foundation python3-empy python3-devel python3-nose python3-pip python3-pyparsing python3-pytest python3-pytest-cov python3-pytest-runner python3-setuptools python3-yaml tinyxml-devel eigen3-devel python3-pydocstyle python3-pyflakes python3-coverage python3-mock python3-pep8 uncrustify python3-argcomplete python3-flake8 python3-flake8-import-order asio-devel tinyxml2-devel libyaml-devel

Then install vcstool from pip:

$ pip3 install vcstool

With this done, you can follow the rest of the instructions to fetch and build ROS2.

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