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ROS 2 Ardent Apalone (codename 'ardent'; December 2017)

Welcome to the first non-beta release of ROS 2 software named Ardent Apalone!

Supported Platforms

This version of ROS 2 is supported on three platforms:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial)
  • Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Windows 10

Binary packages as well as instructions for how to compile from source are provided for all 3 platforms (see install instructions as well as documentation).


  • Distributed discovery, publish / subscribe, request / response communication
    • Provided by a C API
    • Implemented using different vendors:
      • eProsima's FastRTPS as well as ADLINK's OpenSplice (from binary and source)
      • RTI's Connext (only from source)
    • Numerous quality of service settings for handling non-ideal networks
    • DDS Security support (with Connext and FastRTPS)
  • C++ and Python 3 client libraries
    • Sharing common code in C to unify the implementation
    • Execution model separated from the nodes, composable nodes
    • Node-specific parameters (only in C++ atm)
    • Life cycle (only in C++ atm)
    • Optionally intra-process communication using the same API (only in C++)
  • Message definitions (with bounded arrays and strings as well as default values)
  • Command line tools (e.g. ros2 run)
  • rviz with a few display types (the Windows version will likely follow in a few weeks)
  • File system-based resource index (querying information without recursive crawling)
  • Realtime safe code paths for pub / sub (with compatible DDS implementations only)
  • Bridge between ROS 1 and ROS 2
  • HSR demo see Beta 3
  • Turtlebot demo see Beta 2

For a more detailed description please see the Features page.

Changes since Beta 3 release

Improvements since the Beta 3 release:

  • rviz
  • Different initialization options for message data structures in C++ (see design doc)
  • Logging API improvements, now also used in the demos
  • Time support in C++ with different clocks
  • wait-for-service support in the Python client library
  • Draft implementation of REP 149 specifying format 3 of the package manifest files

Known Issues

  • FastRTPS performance with larger data like the image demo
  • Using Connext it is currently not allowed for two topics with the same base name but different namespaces to have a different type (see issue).
  • Listing of node names (e.g. using ros2 node list) does not work across some rmw implementations.
  • On Windows Python launch files might hang when trying to abort using Ctrl-C (see issue). In order to continue using the shell which is blocked by the hanging command you might want to end the hanging Python process using the process monitor.
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