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Fix build with yaml-cpp installed system-wise (#160)

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mjbogusz authored and mikaelarguedas committed May 22, 2018
1 parent 1b09223 commit 865464d8aeaba754eb43a8c4e47be06d6a2f0f89
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@@ -1,14 +1,16 @@
find_package(yaml-cpp QUIET)
## mjbogusz: find_package() and if() disabled until ament can handle complex paths resolving to /usr/include
## always use locally built yaml-cpp for now
# find_package(yaml-cpp QUIET)

if(NOT yaml-cpp_FOUND)
# if(NOT yaml-cpp_FOUND)
# add the local Modules directory to the modules path
set(yaml-cpp_DIR "${@PROJECT_NAME@_DIR}/../../../opt/rviz_yaml_cpp_vendor/CMake")
set(yaml-cpp_DIR "${@PROJECT_NAME@_DIR}/../../../opt/rviz_yaml_cpp_vendor/lib/cmake/yaml-cpp")
message(STATUS "Setting yaml-cpp_DIR to: '${yaml-cpp_DIR}'")
# endif()

find_package(yaml-cpp CONFIG REQUIRED QUIET)

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