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commit 43f3f466d958ddc8de7b2a38bccc710244451972 2 parents bf9cd57 + 9b060da
@rosado authored
1  .gitignore
@@ -3,3 +3,4 @@ lib/*
9 README.markdown
@@ -60,3 +60,12 @@ fields of the PApplet class from within proxy doesn't work.
+## Contributors ##
+* Roland Sadowski
+* Phil Hagelberg
+* Vilson Vieira
+* Marshall T. Vandegrift
+* Ilya Epifanov
+* Sam Aaron
5 project.clj
@@ -1,4 +1,7 @@
(defproject org.clojars.automata/rosado.processing "1.1.0"
:description "A wrapper for Processing in Clojure."
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]
- [org.clojars.fyuryu/processing.core "1.1.0"]])
+ [org.clojars.fyuryu/processing.core "1.1.0"]
+ [processing-jogl "1.5.1"]
+ [processing-opengl "1.5.1"]
+ [processing-gluegen-rt "1.5.1"]])
81 src/rosado/processing.clj
@@ -693,30 +693,76 @@
:doc (:doc (meta #'fill-float))}
fill fill-float)
-(defn filter-kind
- ([kind] (.filter *applet* (int kind)))
- ([kind param] (.filter *applet* (int kind) (float param))))
+(def ^{:private true}
+ filter-map {:threshold THRESHOLD
+ :gray GRAY
+ :invert INVERT
+ :posterize POSTERIZE
+ :blur BLUR
+ :opaque OPAQUE
+ :erode ERODE
+ :dilate DILATE})
+(defn- resolve-filter-mode
+ [mode]
+ (if (keyword? mode)
+ (get filter-map mode)
+ mode))
+(defn display-filter
+ "Originally named filter in Processing Language.
+ Filters the display window with the specified mode and level. Level
+ defines the quality of the filter and mode may be one of the
+ following keywords:
+ :threshold - converts the image to black and white pixels depending
+ if they are above or below the threshold defined by
+ the level parameter. The level must be between
+ 0.0 (black) and 1.0 (white). If no level is specified,
+ 0.5 is used.
+ :gray - converts any colors in the image to grayscale
+ equivalents
+ :invert - sets each pixel to its inverse value
+ :posterize - limits each channel of the image to the number of
+ colors specified as the level parameter. The level
+ parameter
+ :blur - executes a Guassian blur with the level parameter
+ specifying the extent of the blurring. If no level
+ parameter is used, the blur is equivalent to Guassian
+ blur of radius 1.
+ :opaque - sets the alpha channel to entirely opaque.
+ :erode - reduces the light areas with the amount defined by the
+ level parameter.
+ :dilate - increases the light areas with the amount defined by
+ the level parameter."
+ ([mode]
+ (let [mode (resolve-filter-mode mode)]
+ (.filter *applet* (int mode))))
+ ([mode level]
+ (let [mode (resolve-filter-mode mode)]
+ (.filter *applet* (int mode) (float level)))))
;; $$focusGained
;; $$focusLost
-(defn frame-count [] (.frameCount *applet*))
+(defn frame-count
+ "The system variable frameCount contains the number of frames
+ displayed since the program started. Inside setup() the value is 0
+ and and after the first iteration of draw it is 1, etc."
+ []
+ (.frameCount *applet*))
-(defn framerate
+(defn frame-rate
"With no args, returns the current framerate. With one arg specifies a new
target framerate (number of frames to be displayed every second). If the
processor is not fast enough to maintain the specified rate, it will not be
- achieved. For example, the function call (frameRate 30) will attempt to
+ achieved. For example, the function call (frame-rate 30) will attempt to
refresh 30 times a second. It is recommended to set the frame rate within
setup. The default rate is 60 frames per second."
([] (.frameRate *applet*))
(.frameRate *applet* (float new-rate))))
-(def ^{:arglists (:arglists (meta #'framerate))
- :doc (:doc (meta #'framerate))}
- frame-rate framerate)
(defn frustum
[l r b t near far]
(.frustum *applet* (float l) (float r) (float b) (float t)
@@ -1243,9 +1289,22 @@
([x y z a] (.specular *applet* (float x) (float y) (float z) (float a))))
(defn sphere
- [r] (.sphere *applet* (float r)))
+ "Genarates a hollow ball made from tessellated triangles."
+ [radius] (.sphere *applet* (float radius)))
(defn sphere-detail
+ "Controls the detail used to render a sphere by adjusting the number
+ of vertices of the sphere mesh. The default resolution is 30, which
+ creates a fairly detailed sphere definition with vertices every
+ 360/30 = 12 degrees. If you're going to render a great number of
+ spheres per frame, it is advised to reduce the level of detail using
+ this function. The setting stays active until sphere-detail is
+ called again with a new parameter and so should not be called prior
+ to every sphere statement, unless you wish to render spheres with
+ different settings, e.g. using less detail for smaller spheres or
+ ones further away from the camera. To controla the detail of the
+ horizontal and vertical resolution independently, use the version of
+ the functions with two parameters."
([res] (.sphereDetail *applet* (int res)))
([ures vres] (.sphereDetail *applet* (int ures) (int vres))))
29 src/rosado/processing/applet.clj
@@ -18,10 +18,17 @@
"Define an applet. Takes an app-name and a map of options."
[app-name & opts]
(let [options (assoc (apply hash-map opts) :name (str app-name))
- fns (dissoc options :name :title :size :key-pressed)
+ fns (dissoc options :name :title :size :key-pressed :key-released :mouse-pressed :mouse-released)
+ fns (into {} (map (fn [[k v]] [k (if (symbol? v) `(var ~v) v)]) fns))
fns (merge {:draw (fn [] nil)} fns)
key-pressed-fn (or (:key-pressed options)
(fn [] nil))
+ key-released-fn (or (:key-released options)
+ (fn [] nil))
+ mouse-pressed-fn (or (:mouse-pressed options)
+ (fn [] nil))
+ mouse-released-fn (or (:mouse-released options)
+ (fn [] nil))
methods (into {} (map fix-mname fns))]
`(def ~app-name
(let [frame# (atom nil)
@@ -34,7 +41,25 @@
*state* state#]
- (proxy-super keyPressed e#))))
+ (proxy-super keyPressed e#)))
+ (keyReleased
+ ([] (binding [*applet* ~'this
+ *state* state#]
+ (~key-released-fn)))
+ ([e#]
+ (proxy-super keyReleased e#)))
+ (mousePressed
+ ([] (binding [*applet* ~'this
+ *state* state#]
+ (~mouse-pressed-fn)))
+ ([e#]
+ (proxy-super mousePressed e#)))
+ (mouseReleased
+ ([] (binding [*applet* ~'this
+ *state* state#]
+ (~mouse-released-fn)))
+ ([e#]
+ (proxy-super mouseReleased e#))))
bound-meths# (reduce (fn [methods# [method-name# f#]]
(assoc methods# (name method-name#)
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