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Type coercions for map-to (float), added map-to-double

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1 parent 1c6640c commit d7026e7d36c55bb9d957ebbf8a3a7c9756276b32 @rosado committed Sep 17, 2009
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@@ -485,7 +485,10 @@
;; $$main
(defn map-to [val istart istop ostart ostop]
- (PApplet/map val istart istop ostart ostop))
+ (PApplet/map (float val) (float istart) (float istop) (float ostart) (float ostop)))
+(defn map-to-double [val istart istop ostart ostop]
+ (PApplet/map (double val) (double istart) (double istop) (double ostart) (double ostop)))
(defn mask
([#^ints alpha-array] (.mask *applet* alpha-array)))

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