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(ns rosado.cloak-build
(:require [rosado.cloak :as cloak])
(:use rosado.cloak.main)
(:use rosado.cloak.actions))
;; assumptions: clojure.jar, clojure-contrib.jar, rosado.jar in classpath
;; also, classes dir must already be in your classpath (for compilation)
(task :clean
"Removes the 'classes' directory "
(when (exists? "classes/rosado")
(rm "classes/rosado")))
(task :jar-src
"Creates a jar file with Cloak's sources"
(sh "jar cf bin/rosado.cloak.jar rosado" :dofail))
(task :jar ["bin/rosado.cloak.jar"]
"Creates a jar file with compiled Cloak class files.")
(file "bin/rosado.cloak.jar" ["classes/rosado"]
(when-not (exists? "bin")
(mkdir "bin"))
(sh "jar cf bin/rosado.cloak.jar -C classes rosado" :dofail))
(task :test
(binding [cloak/*CWD* (str (System/getProperty "user.dir") "/tests")]
(load-file "tests/basic.clj")))
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