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# Kasper
This is a port of Ghost's default theme [Casper]( for Jekyll.
> This is a port of Ghost's default theme [Casper]( for Jekyll.
Feel free to fork, change, modify and re-use it.
## Installation
git clone
cd kasper
gem install jekyll
gem install pygments.rb
## How to use it
Simply clone this repository, and then run `jekyll serve` inside the directory.
Build page and start local web server
jekyll serve
Kasper theme includes:
Build page into `_site` folder
jekyll build
## Kasper theme includes
* Pagination
* Rss
@@ -22,7 +35,8 @@ Kasper theme includes:
![post page](
## Thanks
## Thanks
Most of the work has been already done by the Ghost team, I've just ported Casper to Jekyll.
I've also added few things specific to Jekyll and some minor style changes.

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