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A web based business intelligence tool built on Django

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Descartes-bi is a database agnostic, Django based business intelligence tool.



Descartes-bi encapsulates small snipets of SQL in pseudo-objects called series, that can later be combined to create comparative charts. Aside from containing series, charts can also define parameters for user interaction. Parameters (called filters) can be programmed to be restrictive using a custom permission system.


  • Django 1.5.1

Setting up

By default the project is set up to run on a SQLite database. Run::

$ python syncdb

In your database definitions create a 'data_source' entry from which you will extract the data for your charts:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': ...
        'NAME': ...
        'USER': ...
        'PASSWORD': ...
        'HOST': ...
        'PORT': ...
    'data_source': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.<source database driver>',
        'NAME': '<source database>',
        'USER': '<source database user>',
        'PASSWORD': '<source database password>',
        'HOST': '<source database host>',
        'PORT': '<source database port>',



$ python runserver

Creating charts

Go into the admin site and start creating SQL queries to extract data from your data source DB and combine them into different charts.

To do

  • Written documentation
  • Move database driver selection to GUI from file
  • Remove Superfish as convert menu to play HTML+CSS menu
  • Printer output support - Print CSS file
  • Add intellingent js thousand comma
  • Report timeout -> to avoid infinite "LOADING..."
  • Please "LOGIN" callout in open panel for clueless users :S
  • Plugable charting engines jqPlot/FLOT/D3
  • Angled label text
  • Stacked bars
  • Dynamic GROUP BY from ajax GUI ie: By month, year, employee
  • Dynamic enable/disable series from parameters window
  • Per user Favorites charts
  • Dashboard w/ multiple mini charts
  • New chart type - endless timeline
  • New chart type - 3d bar
  • Allow anonymous access to reports
  • Date helpers (This month, prev. month, this year, prev year, fiscal year, prev fiscal year)
  • Chart sets w/ same parameters ie: monthly report
  • Drilldowns


Descartes-bi is licensed under the terms of the GNU License version 3, see the included LICENSE file.

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