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5 docs/TODO.rst
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
* Move all data processing from templates/Javascript to the backend/Python
* Written documentation
+* Add getting started section
* Add support for more client side charting libraries:
* jchartfx
@@ -9,16 +10,12 @@
* Printer output support - Print CSS file
* Add intellingent js thousand comma
* Report timeout -> to avoid infinite "LOADING..."
-* Angled label text
* Per user Favorites charts
* Allow anonymous access to reports
* Date helpers (This month, prev. month, this year, prev year, fiscal year, prev fiscal year)
* Chart sets w/ same parameters ie: monthly report
* Drilldowns
-* Find out what's causing connection pool exhaustion
* Use crispy forms for proper login view and form
-* Add use of Django suit for admin
* Togglable fullscreen for widgets
* User selectable data entry filter form position
-* Dashboard widget ordering
* Add support to website widget to pass custom header keys
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