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.tx Updating transifex server URL. Mar 4, 2014
3rd_party_apps/filetransfers Removed the included 3rd party module django-sendfile Nov 7, 2011
apps Move linking app links to their own module May 18, 2014
contrib Update compressed fabfile Jan 25, 2013
docs Move LICENSE file to the top level directory Jan 26, 2013
modules Remove the included source for python-magic instead fetching it from … Jul 8, 2011
requirements Setting the installed version of python-magic to current HEAD. Mar 4, 2014
wsgi Autodetect version of Python being executed Jun 3, 2012
LICENSE Don't import metadata info on top level Mar 6, 2012 Mark, and as executables Mar 7, 2011 Initial updates for the registration app Oct 9, 2012