this is an internet radio for raspberry pi based on the shield (Google AIY voice kit compatible )
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this is a voice controlled internet radio for raspberry pi based on the shield (Google AIY voice kit compatible), I'm the manufactuer of the shield and this is an example of project with it, it could be also used with USB audio devices.

Hardware requirement:
-Raspberry Pi 3
-This shield that includes stereo speakers microphone and more or the bulky cardboard thing by Google or you can of course use a usb mic and the onboard audio (low quality for a radio)

Software installation:
-Burn this image Google AIY image (
-Start your raspberry and run the script to install the audio driver and run the command if you are using the Raspiaudio sound card: sudo wget -O - | bash
-Follow the procedure to enable your google credential here, the goal is to get a assistant.json file tht you will copy /home/pi here is the full procedure:
-copy the file into the example directory src/examples/voice/
-run python

Yon can edit you favorite radios URL, push the red button or say "ok google" before saying the following commands:
" play resume pause

next radio previous radio radio 1 ... radio 10

volume up volume down volume 1 ... volume 10"

(or directely the name of your radio) : "RFI, FIP, RMC....


Credit to Louis Ros