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ROSE is distributed under a modified BSD license.

Source code on GitHub

The ROSE team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory makes both the development and release branches available through GitHub. ROSE can be downloaded with standard Git commands.

Release Branch (recommended)

Once every few months the development branch goes through extensive testing process. If successful a release is pushed to the "release" branch on GitHub.

git clone -b release

Development Branch

This branch undergoes a limited amount of testing and is intended for those users that require the latest bleeding edge versions and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in source code. The "limited" testing includes running more than 50,000 tests on numerous operating systems and backend compilers for approximately three hours.

git clone -b develop

Tagged Version

Each time a version of the development branch is released it receives a tag. This version can be cloned if you want a specific version to the development branch.

git clone -b v0.9.11.107 develop
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