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How to

To be able to archive an edition, each _data, _includes and _layouts directory is split in folders per edition. In the editions directory are the former editions main content, like index.html and assets.

To add a new edition for the year 2017:

  • create a editions directory with the former edition year as name, ex: editions/2016
  • copy the index.html and assets to editions/2016/
  • create the content for the current year/edition name, in each folder: _data, _includes and _layouts.
    • _data/2017/
    • _layouts/2017/default.yml
    • _includes/2017/
  • change index.html to point to the new layout: _layouts/2017/default.yml, and other information: year, name etc.
  • copy the data files from the former edition to _data/2017/*.yml, make any necessary updates.
  • copy from _includes/2016 to _includes/2017 and change each inclusion and data to match this year's edition.


# File: _includes/2017/albums.html
   <section class="feature-columns row clearfix">
     {% for item in['2017'] %}
       {% include 2017/album_item.html %}
     {% endfor %}