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This is a simple implementation of a faculty management application.

The faculty.py file implements the Course class storing information about courses. In its current form, it creates and lists three courses.

For this to make more sense, do the tasks below:

  1. Read data from the courses.csv file, the bibliography for courses from the *.biblio files and the prerequisites from *.prereq files. There is only one prerequisites file SD.prereq. Use the Python CSV module to load CSV data.

  2. Create a Planning class that store information about bachelor studies for a given faculty (in this case named "ACS"). The planning stores information regarding the number of years of study, slots per year (e.g. semesters) and the classes in each semester. For starters load the information in the Planning class by hand.

  3. Create a planning.csv file where you would store the planning information and then load it in the class.

  4. Export the planning information as a JSON file. Use the Python JSON module to dump data in JSON format.