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Digikam @ CDL 2012 (kipi plugins)
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acquireimages use KPMetadata
advancedslideshow ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
batchprocessimages no need to port this code
calendar ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
cmake mv
common Add wrapper for KIPI file locker to prevent broken compilation with o…
debianscreenshots ImageList ==> KPImageList
dngconverter Add wrapper for KIPI file locker to prevent broken compilation with o…
expoblending WizardPage => KPWizardPage
facebook ImageList ==> KPImageList
flashexport BatchProgressDialog => KPBatchProgressDialog
flickrexport ImageList ==> KPImageList
galleryexport ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
gpssync use KP prefix for libkipiplugins classes
htmlexport SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
imageshackexport ImageList ==> KPImageList
imageviewer use KPMetadata
imgurexport polish
ipodexport wrong plugin category
jpeglossless polish
kioexportimport ImageList ==> KPImageList
kmlexport wrong plugin category
kopete SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
mediawiki ImageList ==> KPImageList
metadataedit use KPMetadata
panorama Modified ctype.h in kdewin so that defining KDEWIN_CTYPE_H is cleaner.
photolayoutseditor SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
picasawebexport ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
piwigoexport ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
printimages Fixed dialog minimum size
project update
rajceexport ImageList ==> KPImageList
rawconverter Add wrapper for KIPI file locker to prevent broken compilation with o…
removeredeyes ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
sendimages wrong plugin category
shwup ImageList ==> KPImageList
smug ImageList ==> KPImageList
tests compile
timeadjust ImageDialog => KPImageDialog
vkontakte ImageList ==> KPImageList
wallpaper SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
yandexfotki ImageList ==> KPImageList
.gitignore add ignore rules for git
.krazy Update krazy2 rules for jpeglossless.
AUTHORS update
CMakeLists.txt Open for beta3
COPYING fix FSF address
COPYING-ADOBE Add missing licence file for DNG files from Adobe.
ChangeLog Digikam 2.5.0
HACKING update
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README update
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-- AUTHORS ------------------------------------------------------------

See AUTHORS file for details.

-- ABOUT --------------------------------------------------------------

Libkipi and kipi-plugins allow image applications such as digiKam (
to use a plugin architecture for additional functionalities.


Most of the Kipi-plugins have previously been DigikamPlugins.
kipi-plugins is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

Current plugins ported to Qt4/KDE4:

AcquireImages      : A tool to acquire images using flat scanner.
Calendar           : A tool to create calendars.
DngConverter       : A tool to convert Raw Image to Digital NeGative (DNG -
Facebook           : A tool to import/export images to/from a remote Facebook web service (
FlickrExport       : A tool to export images to a remote Flickr based web service ( Also compatible with Zooomr and 23HQ 
GalleryExport      : A tool to export images to a remote Gallery (and Gallery 2) server (
GPSSync            : A tool to geolocalize pictures.
HTMLExport         : A tool to export images collections into a static XHTML page.
ImageViewer        : A tool to preview images using OpenGL.
JpegLossLess       : A tool to rotate/flip images without losing quality.
MetadataEdit       : A tool to edit EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata.
PicasaWebExport    : A tool to export images to a remote Picasa web service (
PrintImage         : A tool to print images in various format.
RawConverter       : A tool to convert Raw Image to JPEG/PNG/TIFF.
RemoveRedEyes      : A tool to remove red eyes on image automatically.
SendImages         : A tool to send images by e-mail.
SimpleViewerExport : A tool to export images to Flash using SimpleViewer (
SlideShow          : A tool to Slide images with 2D and 3D effects using OpenGL.
Smug               : A tool to import/export images to/from a remote SmugMug web service (
TimeAdjust         : A tool to adjust date and time.
IpodExport         : A tool to export pictures to an Ipod device.
BatchProcess       : A tool to batch process images (convert, resize, rename, etc.).
KIOExport          : A tool to export images to remote computer using network protocol (FTP, SSH, SAMBA, etc...).
Shwup              : A tool to export images to Shwup web service (
ExpoBlending       : A tool to create pseudo HDR image with a stack of bracketed images.
PiwigoExport       : A tool to export images to a remote Piwigo (PHPWebGallery) server (
DebianScreenshots  : A tool to export images to Debian Screenshots web service (
Kopete             : A tool to export images to an instant messaging contact.
YandexFotki        : A tool to export images to Yandex web service (
MediaWiki          : A tool to export images to Mediawiki based web service (
RajceExport        : A tool to export images to Rajce web service (
Vkontakte          : A tool to export images to VKontakte web service (
PhotoLayoutEditor  : A tool to assemble images together.
ImageShackExport   : A tool to export images to ImageShack web service (

Porting under progress to Qt4/KDE4:

WallPaper          : A tool to set image as background on your desktop.

Not yet ported to Qt4/KDE4:

CDArchiving        : A tool to archive your image collections to a CD or DVD.
MpegEncoder        : A tool to create an MPEG slideshow with a set of images.

-- DEPENDENCIES -------------------------------------------------------

CMake           >= 2.4.5              
libqt           >= 4.3.x              
libkde          >= 4.0.x              
libtiff         >= 3.6.x (>=3.8.2 recommended)
libjpeg         >= 6b                 
libpng          >= 1.2.x              
libkipi         >= 2.0.0              
libkexiv2       >= 2.0.0              
libkdcraw       >= 2.0.0              
ImageMagick     >= 5.5.4 (runtime dependency)
Hugin           >= 0.8.0 (runtime dependency)
Enblend         >= 3.0.0 (runtime dependency)


libxslt         >= 1.1                
libxml2         >= 2.7.x              
libX11          >= 1.1.5              
libexpat        >= 2.0.1              
libqtopengl     >= 4.3.x              
Mesa3D          >= 7.0.4              
libopencv       >= 2.x                
libgpod         >= 0.7.0              
libgdk          >= 2.0.0              
libqca          >= 2.0.0              
libqjson        >= 0.6.0              
libgomp         >= 4.3.x              
libksane        >= 0.3.0              
libkgeomap      >= 2.0.0              
libmediawiki    >= 1.0.0              
libkvkontakte   >= 0.1.0              

Plugin Specific Dependencies (for compiling and for running) :

SlideShow          : X11 (Linux Only), Mesa3D, and OpenGL support for libqt
ImageViewer        : X11 (Linux Only), Mesa3D, and OpenGL support for libqt
DngConverter       : libexpat and libkdcraw 0.4.0
AcquireImages      : libksane
HtmlZxport         : libxslt and libxml2
JpegLossless       : imagemagick (runtime dependency)
WallPaper          : kdebase (runtime dependency)
RemoveRedEyes      : libopencv.
IpodExport         : libgpod, libgdk.
Calendar           : libkcal (kdepimlibs).
Shwup              : libqca.
YandexFotki        : libqca.
DebianScreenshots  : libqjson.
FaceBook           : libqjson.
ExpoBlending       : align_image_stack from Hugin project and enfuse from Enblend project (runtime dependency), libgomp.
GPSSync            : libkmap.
Mediawiki          : libmediawiki.
Vkontakte          : libkvkontakte.

-- CONTACT ------------------------------------------------------------

If you have questions, comments, suggestions to make send an email to :

IRC channel from server: #kde-imaging

IMPORTANT : the bugreports and wishlist are hosted by the KDE bugs report 
system who can be contacted by the standard Kde help menu of plugins dialog. 
A mail will be automaticly sent to the Kipi mailing list.
There is no need to contact directly the Kipi mailing list for a bug report 
or a devel wish.

The current Kipi bugs and devel wishes reported to the Kde bugs report can be
seen at this url :

-- INSTALL ------------------------------------------------------------

In order to compile, especially when QT3/Qt4 are installed at the same time, 
just use something like that:

# export VERBOSE=1
# export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt4/  
# export PATH=$QTDIR/bin:$PATH 
# cmake .
# make
# sudo make install

Usual CMake options :

-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX : decide where the program will be install on your computer.
-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE     : decide which type of build you want. You can chose between "debugfull", "debug", "profile", "relwithdebinfo" and "release". The default is "relwithdebinfo" (-O2 -g).

Compared to old KDE3 autoconf options:

"cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull" is equivalent to "./configure --enable-debug=full"
"cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr"  is equivalent to "./configure --prefix=/usr"

More details can be found at this url:

Note: To know KDE install path on your computer, use 'kde-config --prefix' command line like this (with full debug object enabled):

"cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`"
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