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This page lists the articles planned for techblog. If you want for an article to be written and don't have write access here, please register an issue containing the article name and what you'd like to see there. Thanks.

  • Perf
  • Cachegrind
  • Hellgrind
  • Python for Web Development
  • Ruby for Web Development
  • Haskell for Web Development
  • Getting Started With The Linux Kernel
  • i18n and l10n
  • Linked-Lists with Macros
  • gitsh
  • JavaScript
  • Developing LaTeX Beamer Templates
  • CLI Image Conversion and Processing in Linux
  • Presenting Slides and Documents (Flash, PDF, Web)
  • pdftk -- Processing PDF Files
  • Daemonizing Processes - part 2
  • pkg-config
  • Library Management under Linux
  • Advanced Bash usage
  • Types and newtypes
  • CUDA