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@valenting valenting Updated Adding a new course (markdown) 59f8106
@valenting valenting Update VM url e95661b
@valenting valenting Updated Adding a new course (markdown) e937db1
@valenting valenting Created Adding a new course (markdown) 80c8c24
@razvand razvand Updated Home (markdown) 5852428
@valenting valenting Update with info about virtual machine. 6d08110
@valenting valenting Added reference to virtual machine 72a7e9c
@razvand razvand Add new user stories page a441eee
@razvand razvand Destroyed Enhanced User Stories (markdown) 796d1af
@razvand razvand Destroyed User Stories (markdown) 5669bc3
@razvand razvand Destroyed Scenarios (textile) fd60fe6
@razvand razvand Document steps to add new class user a0f3698
@razvand razvand Destroyed Create PC user (markdown) 86e80e2
@razvand razvand Destroyed SQL Schema (textile) 885e2f9
@razvand razvand Updated User Stories (markdown) 9659238
@razvand razvand Destroyed User Interface (textile) 792f986
@razvand razvand Destroyed ROSEdu SoC 2009 Objectives (textile) aca36b0
@razvand razvand Updated Ehanced user stories (markdown) 517c8de
@razvand razvand Add sample command for resubmitting an assignment a41b05b
@razvand razvand Destroyed Development (textile) 3e23276
@razvand razvand Destroyed Create PC user (markdown) e16c0b3
@razvand razvand Add contributing to vmchecker section a84dba4
@razvand razvand Updated Development (textile) 0e61355
@razvand razvand Destroyed Call for Tasks (textile) 519fa25
@razvand razvand Add behind the scenes information: what happens in the background and what the teacher needs to do to configure and use vmchecker 10d0ebc
@razvand razvand Destroyed Vmchecker description (markdown) 86b9e58
@razvand razvand Updated Vmchecker description (markdown) 2370a96
@razvand razvand Updated Home (markdown) 102a251
@razvand razvand Describe repository structure bd25839
@razvand razvand Destroyed Vmchecker doc (markdown) c4036f9
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