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A peer-to-peer networking toolkit for Clojure.

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Peer to peer networking toolkit


  • TCP and UDP based, NIO socket communications
  • a simple communications interface (RPC, multiplexed streams)
  • UPnP based port-forwarding configuration
    • makes peers behind home networks (NATs) accessible from the outside
  • high-level functions for message and password hashing
  • automatic local network discovery using UDP broadcast messages

In Progress

  • generic bootstrap server for P2P apps
  • heartbeat based failure detection to recognize dropped or unavailable peers
  • random walk based search and sampling
  • localized flooding to peers
  • distributed hash table formation
    • ring based topology
  • generic greedy routing
    • for ring based DHT ala chord and others
  • basic distributed clustering


  • high-level DHT storage interface
  • content based routing using graph queries
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