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(ns examples.fourier
(def buf (buffer 2048))
; Bounce around cutting a single band out of white noise.
(demo 10
(let [rate 10
src (* 0.8 (white-noise))
freqs (fft buf src)
filtered (pv-rand-comb freqs 0.95 (impulse:kr rate))]
(ifft filtered)))
; Cut off noise at a wall
(demo 15
(let [src (* 0.2 (white-noise))
freqs (fft (:id buf) src)
filtered (pv-brick-wall buf (sin-osc:kr 0.1))]
(out 0 (pan2 (ifft filtered)))))
(demo 5
(let [freq 440
thresh 0.5
src (* 0.8 (saw freq))
freqs (fft buf src)
filtered (pv-local-max (:id buf) thresh)]
(ifft filtered)))
;;TODO blows up - figure out why
(let [in (* [0.1 0.1] (white-noise))
chain (fft (local-buf 2048 2) in)
chain (pv-brick-wall chain (sin-osc:kr [0.1 0.11]))]
(ifft chain)))
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