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* extend Peer to support the graph API directly without with-peer-graph
* start using transactions
* add a function to peer that returns its url
* Add a (graph-event-channel [g]) which will publish an event any time the graph
is modified.
* Add a sum operator and query form
* figure out an error handling policy and right some helpers to
- make it quick and easy to throw exceptions from query-plan builder
functions when bad arguments are passed
- report on errors that occurred during query processing
** maybe pipelines?
* Query form (ala construct and query) to:
- update node/edge
- delete node/edge
* extend expressions to work on edge property predicates
- path macro needs to do similar rebinding as the where macro
* recursive queries
* create a recur-query that will smartly be both local and remote
depending on whether it gets a proxy node as a result
* new peer connections should always send their URL as the first message so they
can be correctly stored in the connection cache, otherwise we just have the
outgoing port number...
* when a connection is closed (or fails) remotely we need to close it and remove
it from the connection cache.
* Add various error handling tests for connections and peer operations, and
look at moving some of the code to pipelines.
Supporting experiments:
* enable logging of typical networking metrics:
- bytes
- messages
- peers
- latency
* implement recursive and iterative operators
* implement query packet TTL counter that decrements at each hop
- packets dropped when (zero? TTL)
Move to records and a standard protocol for query.operators:
* Goal: standardize the interface and access to important operator info
- dataflow dependencies for optimizing query plan
- specific arguments by name for re-organizing operators, combining operators
* branch?
- replaces the operator/op-branch-map
* plan version
* instance version
Longer Term:
* look into jiraph versioning mechanism
* represent queries using a query specification, rather than the query plan
operator tree
* query spec map:
- paths
- selections
- expressions
- property-loads (to load as we traverse)
- projection
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