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A simple personal blogging platform - self-hosted, of course
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A simple, personal blogging platform


  • Cross-platform (.NET Core)
  • Server-side rendering of articles
    • Ensures support for all browsers, even with JavaScript disabled
  • Server-side analytics to collect basic information about the visits to the blog
  • Markdown for text-formatting of articles
    • SimpleMDE as a nice and useful Markdown editor
      • Markdown cheat-sheet here
  • Administration webapp built with Preact
  • ASP.NET-based backend server built with RedHttpServer
  • Automatically install updates through the admin interface


  • Make sure the dotnet version 2.2 or newer is installed
  • Download the latest release
  • Extract the content of the zip-file to the location you want the server installed
  • Navigate inside the banshee-blog folder you just extracted in a terminal
  • Start the server by running dotnet BansheeBlog.dll
    • A file named credentials.txt, containing initial admin credentials, will be created in the root folder on first start
    • A configuration file named config.json is created on first start
      • If you need to change it, you must (re)start the server after saving the changed configuration

Manuel upgrading

  • Download the latest release
  • Extract everything except the data folder from the root of the banshee-blog folder, inside the archive, into the root of your BansheeBlog installation and overwrite
  • Delete all the files in the admin-folder in your public root
  • Extract everything from the folder banshee-blog/data/public/admin, inside the archive, into the admin-folder in your public root
  • Extract the folders from banshee-blog/data/themes, inside the archive, into your themes folder and overwrite


Feel free to contribute to this project if you feel like it

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