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A tray-application to launch YouTube videos, from a URL, in the VLC media player
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A tray-application to launch YouTube videos, from a url, in VLC media player

VLCTube is a simple tray-application that you can use to quickly open a YouTube video in VLC media player, in high quality.

  • Can use all the quality options available for a YouTube video, not just 720p as VLC directly supports opening
  • Support for enqueueing videos that will automatically start when VLC closes from the previous video ending
  • Defaults to use the x264 streams, instead of AV1/VP9, for improved hardware decoding support
    • Uses much less CPU than the player on on devices without AV1/VP9 hardware support, of which there are many(!)
    • Defaults to 1080p60 streams, since it is the highest quality that x264 streams are available in, on YouTube
  • Uses the get_video_info API to get URLs for the adaptive format streams
  • Support for setting a preferred quality, so you can set it to select the 720p60 stream even though a 1080p60 stream is also available (maximum wanted quality)


  • Download the latest release
  • Unpack to wanted install location


  • Clone this repository and navigate inside the VLCTube directory
  • Run yarn install or npm install to install dependencies
  • Run yarn start or npm start to open the Electron tray-application


  • VLC media player (tested on v. 3.0.6)
    • Must be added to the PATH variable, so it is available as vlc


  • Click on the tray icon to open the menu
    • Play from clipboard grabs the URL from the clipboard and plays it immediately
    • Enqueue from clipboard grabs the URL from the clipboard and adds it to the player. Automatically starts playback when a video is enqueued to an empty player and nothing is playing
    • Preferred quality opens a submenu where you can set the preferred quality
    • Only play x264 streams toggles whether to only play x264 streams or also include the AV1/VP9 streams
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