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neat bibtex bibliography

A simple tool that parses a file containing bibliography entries in nbib format and outputs a .bib file containing the normalized (and sorted) bibliography entries

The nbib format


online: gamasutra:c++functional
    title     = In-depth: Functional programming in C++
    author    = John Carmack
    publisher = Gamasutra
    pages     = 1
    language  = English
    year      = 2012
    month     = 4
    url       =
    urldate   = 2018-09-21

are converted to:

 title     = {In-depth: Functional programming in C++},
 author    = {John Carmack},
 publisher = {Gamasutra},
 pages     = {1},
 language  = {English},
 year      = {2012},
 month     = {4},
 url       = {},
 urldate   = {2018-09-21}

The entry type and entry label must be in the format type: label with a line break after the label, and then at least one field.

The fields of each entry must have 2 or 4 whitespaces or a tab of indentation and are terminated with a newline. The type of indentation must be the same for each field of an entry.

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