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A Rails mountable engine for running Ruby scripts on the browser in the context of a controller action.


It doesn't assume anything about Sprockets being available and will embed any JS directly into the views to avoid any dependencies on Sprockets.

ActionView is required though but it's not declared as a dependency in the gemspec as it's a separate gem just as of Rails 4.1.x, so it would prevent this gem from working with older Rails versions, but you should make sure your Rails application include support to ActionView.

Browser support

All modern browsers and IE >= 8 should be supported.

Minimal Ruby supported version

1.9 is the minimal required version due to usage of require_relative and the new hash syntax.

Patches for supporting older Ruby versions won't be accepted.


In your Gemfile, put the dependency like this:

gem 'rails-web-console', group: :development

This will automatically mount it in /console. If you want to specify a different mount point, use:

gem 'rails-web-console', require: 'rails_web_console/engine', group: :development

And add this to your config/routes.rb:

mount RailsWebConsole::Engine => '/inspect' if Rails.env.development?

If you intend to use this in production environment (strongly discouraged), be sure to protect console routes. Do it on your own risk!


Just access "/console" (or whatever path you've chosen) in your browser.

Support for older versions of Rails

I won't be supporting older versions of Rails to keep the source as simple as possible.

Take a look at older releases of this gem for supporting older Rails.

Copyright (c) 2014 [Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas], released under the MIT license

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