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Patch pebble's apk to support RTL languages
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Patch pebble's apk to support RTL languages

How to contribute?

Currently I document the open issues here, if there'll be enough of them - we'll move to something more managed :)

Open Issues


  • Sentences beginning with RTL text are wrong (should be resolved by passing the default orientation to the Bidi class and resolving the crashes that will arise)
  • Line splitting by word separator (currently dumb)
  • Line splitting by actual character width (currently dumb)
  • Line splitting by font size (requires extra research)
  • Try to align text to the right by padding with spaces


  • RTL canned responsed (currently they're LTR)


How to build RTL apk

$ git clone

$ cd pebble-rtl

$ ./

Edit playground-app/ and change sdk.dir to your SDK directory

$ ./

What to change?

Open the playground-app in Android Studio

  • To improve RTL logic, change TextReverser class
  • To improve the protocol parsing, change ModifierOutputStream

After changing the code:

  • run ""
  • run ""
  • run ""
  • run python2.7 (defaults are good, but check out --help)
  • run ""
  • your home baked apk is at output-apks/bla.apk, not sorry for the name :)

Other stuff

The patch is supposed to be automatic, but it was never tested :)
In this version - the file to patch is: com/getpebble/android/b/c/e.smali

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