Rosetta Home 2.0 is an open source building performance monitoring platform
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Rosetta Home 2.0

Rosetta Home 2.0 is an open source Apache 2.0 licensed home automation system built with security and privacy in mind. This means it has an offline first mentality, no internet required. Cloud connectivity is optional for data backup and more in-depth data analysis. You are not locked into any one cloud provider. Out of the box we support encrypted MQTT backends on port 4883. Brood provides all the necessary infrastructure for hosting your own cloud based backend.

It offers a zero-configuration installation, meaning it will attempt to auto-discover as many devices on your network as possible. The system works with a plethora of consumer products for lighting, HVAC, media playback, energy monitoring and weather monitoring. It also works with CRT Labs open source IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) sensors.

For an overview of the system, see the slides from Erlang & Elixir Factory SF Bay 2017

The system itself runs on a Raspberry Pi and utilizes several USB dongles to communicate with a multitude of devices over differing protocols. Network connectivity is provided over WiFi or ethernet.

For installation instructions please see the installation instructions

Grafana GUI Grafana

Here are some screen shots of the LAN interface.


Scrolling Graphs

Lighting Control


HVAC Control


Media Player

Media Player

Weather Stations

Weather Stations