Microsoft Excel add-in that implements many endpoints through ribbon functions and formula support
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About Rosette for Excel (Beta)

Rosette for Excel is a plugin that makes the features of the Rosette API available to Excel users code-free. The Rosette API provides text analytics, natural language, and names processing tools for a variety of use cases and is developed by Basis Technology Corp.

Known System Requirements

  • .NET 4.0 or greater. To check your available versions:

How to Install

Currently, Rosette for Excel is only compatible with Windows OS. The beta release has been tested in Office 2010, 2013, 2016 on Windows 7 & 10, with broader support on its way for the upcoming official GA release. To install:

  • Click the releases tab in the Rosette for Excel repository
  • Click the link to the latest release
  • Under "Downloads" click RosetteForExcel.msi
  • Once the .msi file has downloaded, double click to install. The installation is "per user", so no elevated permissions should be required.

Getting Started

Before you can actually start using the plugin, you’ll need an active Rosette API key. If you don’t already have a Rosette API developer account, head to to get your free Rosette API key. Complete the sign-up and activation process. Back in Excel, navigate to the Rosette ribbon tab and enter your key in the "API Key" dialog. Check your connection by clicking "Check Key." If a green check appears, you’re good to go! An alternate URL can be specified for Rosette On-Premise users, but is not required. For more information on using the plugin and its various features, check out the Use Info guide here and the Quick Start Guide here.