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Maven Central

Rosette API

The Rosette Text Analytics Platform uses natural language processing, statistical modeling, and machine learning to analyze unstructured and semi-structured text across 364 language-encoding-script combinations, revealing valuable information and actionable data. Rosette provides endpoints for extracting entities and relationships, translating and comparing the similarity of names, categorizing and adding linguistic tags to text and more.

Rosette API Access

Quick Start



Set ${} in the <properties> block. The latest version available is displayed in the Maven Central badge at the top of this page.

Test Releases

Versions, of the form x.y.z, where z is greater than or equal to 100, are internal testing versions. Do not use them without consultation with Basis Technology Corp.


View small example programs for each Rosette endpoint in the examples directory.

Documentation & Support

Binding Developer Information

If you are modifying the binding code, please refer to the developer README file.