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I am developing an easy plotting software with many features. any ideas and help is welcome.

The Software is freeware. but by request the programmer adds special feature/Institute or Company Name/Advertisement/ in his software then he might present it as shareware which is not related to main software.

Features: - Importing any Plot Template in any Graphic format (ex from perfect diagram or anyother format) -DONE-

  • ready templates of various shapes in software
  • adding/edditing Symbols to Library if needed by user -DONE-
  • enabling to full edit Symbols by Freehand tools -DONE-
  • having Proportion information for Round and Other Shapes according to GIA's "Profile (to)/(not to) Actual Proportions"
  • Inclusion Help to understand each symbol is for what kind of inclusion and a Gallery of various inclusions also Movie to help plotting.
  • Inserting KEY SYMBOLS into plot
  • Exporting to any graphic format or doc
  • ...

A free sample pack of Perfect Diagram images is available for download and includes the images shown above. Also included with the pack are instructions for the installation, usage and resizing of the images.

Images included with the sample pack are in the WMF format (Windows Media Format) and may be inserted into suitable software including MS Word. The download file is in ZIP format.

History and Changes.

ver 0.8 alpha

  • First released version

ver 1.2 beta

  • Added Library support
  • Added Set Plot (background) picture
  • Added Inclusions section
  • Exoprt now supports more formants
  • Added Line and Fill of the drawing
  • Added Undo and Redo support

ver 1.3 beta

  • Added Line width to Line&Fill
  • Added Grouping for Symbols
  • Fixed bug: "error on adding new inclusion on some rare cases"

ver 1.4 beta

  • Added Freehand Tool (alpha version)
  • Added Undo/Redo button on toolbar
  • Added Zoom tool on sidebar
  • Application Icon changed

ver 1.5 beta

  • Added Free Rotate Tool

ver 1.6 beta

  • Added Profile feature (experimental)
  • Added Text tool
  • Export now support vector formats

ver 1.7 beta

  • Text tool now supports Font style
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